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QLaces FAQs - Most Frequently Ask Questions and Answers


Question: Can you reuse no tie shoelaces?

Answer: Yes, as long as the next shoe doesn't require a longer lace. 


Question: Are these shoelaces good for water sneakers?

Answer: We haven't used them in water sneakers, but I feel that they would work. There is nothing that would rust or be ruined the no tie shoelaces by water. 


Question: Will these no tie shoelaces be suitable for a person with only one arm?

Answer: Yes, however getting the laces on initially may require assistance, depending on the person. Also, adjustment for comfort might take several wears.


Question: Will the nylon elastic no tie shoelaces adjust to fit a 6-8 year-olds shoes?

Answer: The laces are meant to fit every shoes. You can adjust the length by cutting them to fit any shoes.


Question: Will these no tie shoelaces cause numbness in your feet?

Answer: The shoe laces are expandable, and they are designed for max comfort so you should not get numbness. The only way you get numbness in the feet is when you tied the shoelaces to tight. 

Question: Will the elastic no tie shoelaces fit on size 14 laces up hunting boots that are about 9" tall?

Answer: I would say yes they would fit a size 14 /9 inches high boots, remember they are elastic shoelaces so they can stretch to fit most shoes. 


Question: Can you lace elastic no tie shoelaces up as high as you want?

Answer: Yes and our no tight laces prevent achilles problems too!


Question: do these no tie shoelaces work for child shoes?

Answer: Yes they will work. You can lock them relatively tight, and the laces will stretch so your child can slide the shoes on and off.


Question: How do no tie shoelaces work for sports?

Answer: Replace the laces with the bungee-style laces; feed the laces through the sliding lock mechanism. Put the shoes on and tightened the laces until they felt snug but not too snug. Trim the lace ends and put on the end cap. To keep the laces from flopping around thread them through the bottom loop. 

Question: Can the no tie shoelaces come loose when running?

Answer: No, however, it’ll be based on how you initially set them up. Like all regular shoelaces, if you wear them lose chance that your shoe comes off while running is very high.

Question: Are these no tie shoelaces long enough for high top shoes?

Answer: Yes, the primary purpose of our no tie shoelaces is to make high top shoes more easy to wear and take off.

Question: Can these no tie shoelaces be placed on the shoe with one hand?

Answer: Both hands are needed to install them. Once they are installed, you only need one hand to slip on or slip off your shoes. 

Question: Are these no tie shoelaces only work on shoes with metal eyelets?

Answer: They work on shoes with all kinds of eyelets.

Question: how to install no tie shoelaces?

Answer: Hi, there is a demonstration video on our website or visit our product tab “how to use” to learn how to install these shoelaces.

Question: Do you have the sport or flat elastic no tie shoelaces in kid sizes?

Answer: Our no tie shoelaces are designed as a one size fits all. It will fit on any shoes as long as they have holes.

Question: Do I have to trim the sport and elastic no tie shoelaces?

Answer: Yes. And a knot should be tied to hold the cut part. 

Question: What shoes do they fit?

Answer: Our no tie shoelaces can fit into any shoes

Question: Can these no tie shoelaces be replaced with the traditional shoelaces?

Answer: Once you had the experience of using these new trend shoelaces which perform superbly in many ways, it will be hard for you to go back to the traditional ones, try it if you don’t believe it.

Question: How do you secure the no tie shoelace at the bottom of the shoe?

Answer: You just wrapped it around and cut the extra or threaded it more so you don’t have to cut it.

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