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No tie shoelaces for kid
QLaces are the high quality and the most innovative no tie shoelaces for kids that never untie. Even though Qlaces are useful for everyone – elderly, sportsperson, and others, it is the kids who can greatly benefit from them. Parents often have a tough time tying and re-tying the shoelaces when their kids are still learning how to tie them. Kids learn to tie shoelaces at their own pace; they make take hours or even days to learn how to do it properly. They will keep on asking parents and even teachers to help them tie their shoelaces. Kids are busier than most adults and juggling school, basketball practice, music lessons, homework and much more. Qlaces, no tie shoelaces for kids, help save them time from their busy lives and parents do not have to drop what they are doing to help tie their shoelaces.

Kids today follow the latest trends and want to wear top shoe brands. Qlaces elastic no tie shoelaces for kids are stylish and sleek that looks much better than those original, dingy shoelaces. Qlaces can be easily instantly installed in every shoe that comes with eyelets. The adjustable shoelaces can be tightened or loosen for the perfect fit of the kid. No tie shoelaces are designed to snug up perfectly over the foot so that the shoes do not keep falling off. Qlaces offers kids the ability to move around and comfortably without needing any help along the way. Parents no longer have to depend on slip-on and loafers for their kids and purchase those stylish kid sports shoes and sneakers without worrying about how they will tie those shoelaces when they have no tie shoelaces for kids at their disposal. Kids can concentrate on what they are doing and not get distracted from untied shoes from time to time.

Kids Elastic Shoe Laces Ensures No More Messy Shoelaces

With the unique design of Qlaces kids elastic shoelaces, kid’s shoes will lock into place and turn any shoe into a slip-on. Elastic No tie shoelaces for kids are made of high-quality material made of Nylon and Polyester that looks like regular shoelaces but are far more superior in terms of functionality. The specifically crafted kids' elastic shoelaces ensure that the shoes remain snugly fit and provide secure and comfortable wear. The elastic of the Qlaces stretches to offer the ‘slip-on’ functionality to any kind of shoes. Kids no longer have to go around with dragging laces that pick up germs and bacteria around the school, playground, halls, cafeterias, and bathrooms. No tie shoelaces for kids never come untied, and kids will not have contact with harmful germs that can make them sick. Also, when the laces get dirty because they are dragging around, they are not the best to look at. With no tie kids elastic shoelaces, parents do not have to worry about spends hours cleaning the shoelaces with bleach and other cleaning items. 

Our Kids No-Tie Laces Can Easily Eliminate Shoelace Problems

Our Kids no-tie laces are functional, convenient and safe for kids to use. Untied shoelaces are not just ugly to look at, but they are also a potential hazard. Many schools are not banning traditional shoelaces because of their increased risks of trips and fall and cause serious injuries. No matter how tightly those traditional laces are tied, they eventually untie. Kids do not have much time to keep looking down at their feet to ensure that their laces are tied when they have tasks to be completed or are playing. Kids no tie laces from Qlaces are easy to put on and once they are laced up; there is no need to tie laces ever again. There have reports of accidents due to the laces being caught in escalators or bicycle wheels and kids being rushed to hospitals with serious injuries. Accidents and unpleasant situations can be avoided by using kids no tie laces with sneakers and sports shoes. No tie shoelaces for kids offer ergonomic expansion, which aids healthy blood circulation to the growing feet of kids. They offer a custom fit and offer different tension zones for maximum comfort. It helps eases exert pressure on the foot so that there are no foot pains.

The Secret to Easy Shoe Tying Trick for Kids

Parents want their kids to be independent and not depend on them every time they want to have their shoes tied. Qlaces are easy shoe tying trick for kids that give them a sense of independence and do things they love without having to worry about the shoelaces coming untied. These no tie shoelaces for kids come in appealing colors and can be used in different patterns. There is also no need to damage your wallet if you are not convinced of its benefits after ordering Qlaces from their official store. The company offers 60-days money-back guarantee because the company is convinced that its users will love their easy shoe tying trick for kids. Thus, there is no reason why parents cannot boost the comfort of their kid’s shoes with Qlaces’ easy shoe tying for kids. When kid’s shoes are laced with Qlaces, they are quickly transformed into clean and fine-looking shoes that are easy to slip on and off. No tie shoelaces for kids are perfect for parents as they can be used for a long time without the need for replacement.

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