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QLaces tieless shoelaces are rated as the best no tie shoelaces for seniors because of the many benefits that they offer to you. No matter what age you might be, comfortable shoes are required for every foot. As you grow older, the need for secure and safe footwear becomes quite essential. Not having a snuggle fit shoe is one of the leading causes of injuries among seniors. Most of these falls happen while walking and running. However, the majority of seniors experience falls from their own untie shoelaces.

Our Tieless laces are highly recommended for seniors as it allows you to transform any shoes into a slip-on making it easy to wear and take off.

The Secret Shoelaces That Help Minimize the Fall Risk for Seniors

As we all know, falling is quite dangerous especially for seniors as it can lead to severe injuries, including bone fractures, head injuries, muscle breakdown, and other problems. Often when seniors have experienced falls in the past, it can trigger gears of falls that can prevent them from living an active life. While it is essential to wear the right footwear that properly fits, tying the shoelaces properly is also important. Original Shoelaces on shoes often get too loose, and it can cause people to trip over it. Also, with age, seniors can develop age-related problems such as flat feet and other due to weak muscles.

If you have seniors at home and are worried about their safety, you can take advantage of our no tie shoelaces to offer eliminate some fall risk for untie shoelaces. By investing in our non tie shoelaces, you can help seniors put on their shoes more easily and without assistance. When seniors have shoes that are comfortable and fit well, they can walk longer distance and support good health. Using QLaces tieless shoelaces helps the shoes to become more grounded and prevent seniors from imbalanced movement.

Our Tieless Shoelaces Offer Many Other Benefits to Seniors

Our tieless shoelaces can help promote flexibility, balance, coordination, and strength for seniors feet. Many seniors find it difficult to tie shoelaces for their shoes since they have trouble bending down or cannot balance them self. Using our QLaces shoelaces can easily allow the shoes to firmly grip the feet and ensure that they are comfortable for an everyday walk.

QLaces shoelaces is the secret to have no tie shoes that are comfortable for the everyday walk. With QLaces shoelaces, it will fit for any sneakers perfectly right and allow the shoes to widen and expand to make them more comfortable.

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Use Qlaces® to turn sneakers to slip-on!

Never Tie Your Shoe Again

Installed Once and Never Have to Tie Your Shoe Again!

Style your shoe creatively in an easy, cost-effective, and hassle-free way!

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